F3 CMS V4.0 Release Announcement
— September 2016

A fresh design with added functionality, solid consistency and streamlined platform.

With the core functionalities of F3 CMS endured, the primary focus with the V4.0 upgrade was to gain solid consistency across all F3 CMS subscription accounts, providing us with the ability to move forward efficiently with the enhancement and extension of features and functionalities.

In addition to this primary focus, the F3 CMS V4.0 release also includes but is not limited to:

  • Multiple File Upload Capability
  • Photo Gallery Creation
  • Responsive Image Refinement
  • Account Access Enhancements



The F3 CMS framework is a secure and robust, PHP-based coding platform; which enables us to develop custom websites with specific customizations.

On top of our code framework exists a feature-rich, intuitive user interface which allows you to edit your website content quickly and easily with limited technical skills. Every project begins with a base set of essential functionality tools that all websites need, with the ability to add custom functions for tailored solutions.

Page Editor

Pages make up the bulk of content presented on most websites. While we work with you to design content areas for your custom website, the F3 CMS Interior Page Manager allows you to create and easily manage the content on pages, utilizing custom-designed templates that we have built specifically for you.

The essential 'Page Manager' allows you to set all relevant page information including title, section, banner, body content, and features such as a gallery and/or aside.

Navigational Structure

Pages are great, but they need a way to relate to each other. Our intuitive 'Global and Local Navigation Managers' allow you to manage the navigation between your web pages with ease.

Simply add a new page to your site's content, and use the essential 'Global and Local Navigation Managers' to control where it appears in your top level or secondary site navigation.

Media Support

Websites utilize massive amounts of media. Whether it be video, images, or other downloadable content pieces, websites require the ability to upload, manage and insert these rich media assets on a moments notice.

F3 CMS essential features include the ability to add video, create photo galleries and define rotating carousels for display.

Custom Capabilities

The real benefit of a custom content management system is the ability to build custom tools to manage unique requirements.

With F3 CMS, we can create custom tools to manage very specific and unique capabilities for your online marketing, management and ideal customer provision.

What makes a custom tool? Anything that is complex, dynamic, unique, specific to your products/services and industry.